Hi I’m trev and welcome to my treeevArt site. I was born in London, I live in Bermondsey and work from my design studio in Waterloo. I’ve been working in the design industry for 24 years plus, here in London and over the years in Sydney and Tokyo. Mainly in motion graphics and animation for TV, exhibition, interactive and film, however for the last 10 years I’ve embarked on a more ambitious and ultimately more rewarding pursuit of creating ‘art’.

Animation runs 25 frames a second on TV, which no one seems to watch or remember at times, the idea that is driving me forward is making a single frame or object which could last for years and be enjoyed. This would be amazing. To see my professional animation work visit Lucky23

The work attempts to bring light and colour into a sometimes less the bright world. Looking into the different facets and extremes manifested in alternate, sometimes opposite states of mind and emotion and attempting to create a space between them. 

My latest work I've been using emoji's to create half tone portraits as screen prints. I love the idea of communicating without words, a kind of modern day hieroglyphic.

Each piece is signed, numbered and stamped with my big A symbol. 

25% of the picture sale is donated to mental health charities and the Eden psychiatric intensive care ward at the Lambeth Hospital London, to go towards buying further materials and equipment for the Art therapy department.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions, hope you enjoy.